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ZenGo Wallet Now Supports Shiba Inu – Official.

According to an official recent statement, ZenGo, the first non-key cryptocurrency wallet, has incorporated Shiba Inu cryptocurrency functionality.

Wallet users can now trade and grab the most popular joke cryptocurrency.

The Shiba Inu community is “active” and “energetic,” according to Ari Gore, ZenGo’s head of communications: “We are pleased to be one of the first crypto funds to sponsor SHIB, especially because of its dynamic, creative, and enthusiastic community.”

For new users, dealing with passwords, seed phrases, and secret keys might be intimidating. Face biometrics are used to create ZenGo Wallets, which are marketed as the app’s major source of revenue.

According to the company’s founders, such an approach could tackle existing crypto-related concerns.

During its Series A sponsorship in April, an Israeli business raised $ 20 million. One of ZenGo’s most noteworthy supporters was Samsung Next, the electronics giant’s wallet.

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