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ZCash To Release A New, Open Source Software Client To Improve Its Network’s Security.

In line with a recent official ‘press-release‘ published, the Zcash Foundation in partnership with renowned ‘blockchain‘ firm ‘Parity Technologies’ is about to release a new, open source software client for the cryptocurrency ‘Zcash’.

The new client ‘Zebra’, supposedly exists to offer redundancy within the case of its 1st client – Zcashd – failing. Zcash hopes this might offer higher levels of security for its crypto network as a whole.

Moreover, the client is meant to enhance Zcash performance in several other ways, like having a means to “detect implementation-specific bugs” and avert issues associated with its consensus mechanism.

Parity Technologies has designed other notable ‘cryptocurrency‘ clients within the past, like Parity ‘Ethereum‘. Parity CTO named ‘Fredrik Harryson’ commented on the purported advantages of its latest client for the Zcash, adding:

“The community wins across the board  [Zcash] can now boast an additional distributed community that might effectively tailor experiences for Layer 2 developers further as end-users.”

As ‘reported‘ earlier, the firm behind Zcash is presently facing a $2 Mln lawsuit served by a disgruntled ex-employee.

Software Engineer Simon Liu sued former employee named ‘Zerocoin Electric Coin Company’ on the grounds that his contract entitled him to 15,000 stock units, & a “Founder’s Reward,” that the firm willingly couldn’t pay, as per a ‘copy‘ of the official civil case filing. However, the firm sent a letter to its employee at the end of the last year, adding that they had no stock choice plan and had not issued formal option grants to its employee.

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