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Youtube & Google Sued For Not Banning Illegal Related Of Promotion Of Crypto Scams.

Steve Wozniak Lawyers and 17 other people adversely suffering from fake Bitcoin giveaway scams published on YouTube and have sued YouTube along with its parent company Google for not acting quickly to ban such content.

In line with a recent announcement published on 22nd July from the leading law firm of Cotchett, Pitre & McCarthy, Google and its subsidiary YouTube did not protected its users from illicit Bitcoin [BTC] giveaway scam channels featuring images and videos of Wozniak along with several other renowned celebrities. The hijacked channels run ‘giveaway’ scams stating that anyone who transfers cryptocurrency to a particular address will receive far more cryptocurrency in return, when actually they receive nothing.

Youtube & Google Sued For Not Banning Illegal Related Of Promotion Of Crypto Scams.

Fake Promotion Giveaway Scam Ongoing On Youtube.

While adding further, Wozniak said:

“If YouTube had acted quickly to prevent this to an inexpensive extent, we might not be here now.”

“YouTube, like Google, seems to believe algorithms and no special effort requiring custom software was employed quickly in these cases of criminal activity. If a criminal offense is being committed, you must to be able to reach humans capable of stopping it. What human would see posts like these and not ban them as criminal immediately?”

As per Joe Cotchett, one among the partners at Cotchett, Pitre & McCarthy, YouTube “knowingly permitted the Bitcoin scam to execute on for months, promoted it, and profited from it by selling targeted advertising.”

The complaint comprises Wozniak as well as 17 others from the US, Canada, the U.K., Japan, Malaysia, China, and Europe who were victims of these such Bitcoin [BTC] scam.

Ripple Labs Vs Youtube

Wozniak’s lawsuit comes a day just after YouTube’s dismissal bid within a similar case brought forward by Ripple Labs. The leading cryptocurrency firm sued the platform for its alleged failure to prevent XRP scammers and impersonators.

However, within an earlier statement published on 21st July, YouTube’s legal team argued the video sharing platform isn’t responsible for any content — even including scams – if offered by 3rd parties.

Unlike Ripple’s case, which was filed in federal court, Wozniak’s legal team will be heard by a judge within the court of the State of California in the County of San Mateo , a state-run court.

Wozniak and his legal team are going to be holding an in-person and virtual news conference on 23rd July at 11:00 AM PST in Burlingame, California.

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