Worldcoin Raises $25 Mln – Launches v3 Flirtatious Ant Protocol.

Worldcoin had already faced a double assault two years before Ethereum (ETH) was published, and to solve the matter, Worldcoin v3 -Flirtatious Ant was released. The DAO’s crackdown on Vitalik’s blockchain was still three years away, and the payment-focused network was already debating a larger issue. Today, though, no one is discussing Worldcoin.

They discussed Worldcoin, which was launched by former Y Combinator president Sam Altman and just raised $ 25 million in a $1 billion budget.

This snapshot irritates a lot of people. That is not the case with the creators of O.G Worldcoin. They are enraged because Worldcoin has taken their currency’s name. 

“This is a fantastic piece of technology that is attempting to push a young youngster away.” “They really should have gone with a different name,” someone behind Worldcoin’s initial email, signed only as” Worldcoin Community,” wrote to The Defiant in response to a question regarding the company’s acquisition.

“Our major objective is to be the cryptocurrency of choice for traders and consumers during their daily transactions, whether it’s a cup of coffee or huge ticket items,” Worldcoin said in a Bitcointalk article on Ant Flirtatious.

Daily payments, as we know, are not really out of crypto, not with Worldcoin or Bitcoin.

We recently discovered Worldcoin, where we are interested to learn that eye-scanning tokens have begun trading. We found Worldcoin (WDC) after entering “Worldcoin,” however it was evident that it was a separate blockchain. WDC is currently trading at a decent price of $ 0.06 in New York Time evening trading.

The Worldcoin crew has expressed its indignation in a number of places, including an email to The Defiant. 

“Welcome newcomers,” it states on the page about the first Worldcoin website. We’d want to clear things up with you. We are not an “ORB RETINA SCANNING WORLD COIN’’  They are con artists who use our name… We don’t want you to make a mistake and invest in the wrong currency. We are looking for long-term growth rather than a quick fix. Before you invest, make sure you’ve done your homework. It’s not appropriate for this new Worldcoin”.

The discussion surrounding Altman’s new initiative appears to have had unforeseen effects on the old one. Since May, it has sold for less than $ 0.06 per token, but on October 24, it was slashed to $ 0.20, fueled by investors who want to get their hands on a controversial token in the first place. At the reporting time, the WDC token is presently trading at a price of around $0.06924 USD, down 5.31% for the day.

Worldcoin Raises $25 Mln - Launches v3 Flirtatious Ant Protocol.

Worldcoin Price Chart – Source: CoinMarketCap

“We are the original Worldcoin.” Worldcoin is a cryptocurrency that allows for rapid, low-cost, and global payments. And the entire Worldcoin community will continue to volunteer to keep only one authentic Worldcoin alive and well,” the email vowed.

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