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‘Wirex 3.0’ Update Now Supports 10 New Fiat Currencies.

In line with a recent official ‘press-release‘, renowned digital payments service provider ‘Wirex’ has revealed a significant platform update named ‘Wirex 3.0’, listing 10 new fiat currencies.

Following the new update, Wirex users within EEA [European Economic Area] would be able to access “unconditional access” to OTC [Over-the-Counter] rates for cryptocurrency exchanges, moreover as interbank rates for standard currency exchanges.

The release further added that the update conjointly brings these new options to residents of the Asia-Pacific region and Canada, permitting aforesaid users operate their Wirex accounts in their native fiat currency for the primary time.

In line with the statement on Wirex’s “Money Management page”, the platform presently supports around 15 fiat currencies, as well as recently featured ones like the Hong-Kong dollar, the Singapore dollar along with the Australian Dollar [AUD].

Moreover, the recent update offers new options to transfer cash in and out of bank accounts, offering support for the U.K.-based quicker ‘Payments‘, namely SEPA and SWIFT.

As per the announcement, the new platform conjointly features a more clear fee structure.

Earlier in Aug. last year, Wirex was ‘granted‘ the 3rd e-money license issued by U.K. regulator – FSA [Financial Conduct Authority] to a crypto-related firm.

Previously, management and technology consulting firm ‘GreySpark’ reported that the USD is among the most actively traded fiat currency against ‘cryptocurrencies‘.

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