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What Will Crypto Sector In 2022 Be Like?

The whole crypto sector made significant gains toward broad acceptance in 2021, and since that the year is nearly over, analysts are establishing price expectations for 2022.

Many analysts backed demands for a $100,000 (BTC) price by the end of 2021, and while this is implausible, most investors believe the crucial price level will be reached before the second quarter of 2022.

Here are some of the Bitcoin price forecasts for 2022, according to analysts.

Bitcoin is still on course to break the $100k barrier



Analysts have been more hesitant to make rash Bitcoin forecasts since PlanB’s stock-to-flow model mistakenly forecasted a $98,000 BTC price by the end of November, despite the model being spot on from August to October.

While some traders are already doubting the veracity of the stock-to-flow pricing model, crypto expert and anonymous Twitter account ‘DecodeJar’ believes BTC will exceed the $100,000 price threshold over the next few months and might reach $250,000 by the end of 2022.

DecodeJar expects Bitcoin will hit a “conservative price goal” of $190,233 by June 7 based on Elliot Wave extensions and Fibonacci retracement levels.

Rules will be implemented in 2022

David Lifchitz, managing partner and chief investment officer of ExoAlpha, provided perspective into the fate of the whole crypto world, stating that “cryptos will still be present in 2022” in the context that “governments will not outlaw them.”

Instead, according to Lifchitz, “they want to control them to keep cryptos on a tight leash compared to fiat currencies and also regard them as a source of taxation money to refill their coffers.”

Lifchitz projected that as the DeFi ecosystem grows and develops new capabilities, banks and insurance firms would be compelled to adjust their business models in order to remain viable, while “middle-man enterprises are more at danger as they are made obsolete by DeFi.”

Concerning the NFT craze, Lifchitz raised misgivings about the sector’s capacity to maintain its lightning-like rate of expansion, and he highlighted some of the deeper issues that authorities may have moving ahead.

Regarding the hype surrounding the arising Metaverse, Lifchitz asserted that, while it appears that we are on our way to a future that could look similar to sequences from the film Ready Player One, “where people find shelter into a virtual world because their reality is absolutely awful, and “our world is still” years away from that.”

The trend of mass adoption is expected to persist

Despite short-term difficulties, Loukas Lagoudis, managing director of crypto and digital assets hedge fund ARK36, “firmly thinks that the generally favourable trend for the crypto industry will persist in 2022.”

Lagoudis predicted that “the prolonged implementation of digital assets by institutional investors, as well as their additional assimilation into legacy financial systems, will be the key motorists of growth in the crypto space in the coming year,” as institutions began to favor “digital assets over gold as a reserve asset” throughout the span of 2021.

As per Jean-Marc Bonnefous, Tellurian ExoAlpha’s head of asset management, “the trend appears to be preferring blockchains that concentrate on efficiency, dApp development, and are slightly more centralized.”

According to Bonnefous, this indicates a substantial shift from previous trends, which centred on initiatives “focused on security, store of value, and that is more decentralized like BTC and even Ether.”

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