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Wakanda Inu – New Meme Claiming To Be The Next Shiba Inu : Real Or Fake?

Wakanda Inu, a brand new cryptocurrency, is already on track to carry on this history, with an even more appealing pricing proposal.

When it comes to astounding volatility, the crypto sector is the one that keeps delivering – a new paradigm after a new paradigm. One may easily be forgiven for assuming that crypto enthusiasts are out of their minds.

However, we know on the inside that we are changing the world and enjoying ourselves while doing it. Other important transformation tendencies in the current growing market include P2E-fueled GameFi, Raising Finances, the wild but possibly problematic NFTs, and a new paradigm of franchises and celebrities introducing their tokens to followers.

Anyway, get into crypto quickly and you’ll see that things can get even weirder.

Nothing has left market outsiders astounded and at a loss for words as the ever-expanding meme revolution.

Dogecoin, a comic book that began as a meme, is today ranked in the top ten cryptocurrencies, with a market valuation of around $35 billion. Shiba Inu, a new meme craze that debuted last year, is now barely outside the top 10 with a market of roughly $30 billion.

Wakanda Inu, with its African roots, is descended from the same meme-inspired ancestors.

Africans have been a big player in the field and one of the fastest-growing markets since the early days of cryptocurrencies, yet no African crypto project has reached the world stage.

Wakanda Inu is the first African token (and meme character) to be recognized globally, and she does so in stunning fashion.

The Wakanda Inu community has grown enormously since its introduction about 72 hours ago, recruiting members from all around the world, and the price action has been pushing hard enough to keep up with the expansion.

Since its introduction, the $WKD token’s value is down by more than 31% since the time of writing.

Wakanda Inu, on the other hand, isn’t all memes and price activity. The project positions itself as an organization that connects African growth goals and advocates the voices of all oppressed people worldwide. The company also wishes to play an active part in promoting poverty alleviation, charitable giving, crypto awareness, and raising people’s ambitions all across the world.

The projects’ history also contributes to their ethics.

The Wakanda Inu organization began as a community-sponsored project and now functions as a non-governmental organization representing the interests of this one, coherent, worldwide community that thinks nothing is impossible when people work together.

Unprecedented market response and tremendous population increase have been evident indicators of public belief in this goal since the launch of Wakanda Inu:

Earlier on 6th November, the initiative raised around $ 1 million in Binance (BNB) coin through its mass sale of the Wakanda Inu ($WKD) token.

Since its introduction, the $WKD token’s value has increased by more than 1200%, then fell briefly, since the time of writing.

$WKD now has a liquid liquidity lock on Pancakeswap for 4200 + BNB ($2,600,000).

The Wakanda Inu currency has had a phenomenal daily trade volume ranging from $8 million to $15 million per day, an unusual amount for a freshly debuted meme coin.

$WKD acquires 28,000+ owners in 72 hours, setting a new record in the crypto world.

At least eight trading platforms presently support $ WKD, including Naijacrypto, Obiex Finance, HaggleX, Flitaa, BoundlessPay, Quidax, Tatswap, and Pancakeswap.

The Wakanda Inu organization began as a community-sponsored organization with no leaders and intended to stay so.

As a community service, the project process is influenced by the community, which votes on critical decisions and the overall project route. Other actions that could win these next public votes include the creation of active crypto products such as NFT Market, Farming, Staking, DEX, and so on.

The Wakanda Inu ethos is named after it as a means of bringing about continual change, social progress, and poverty elimination. As a result, when it was first founded, Wakanda Inu kept 4% of its donation to assist philanthropic efforts around the world.

Wakanda Inu is an organization that represents ambition, passion, and tenacity, and it is based on the unity of Africa and the global subconscious. Evidence that as humans progress, there is no limit to what we may accomplish together.

Is this the Shiba Inu of the future? NO, is the answer. In the actual world, this is the start of something far more powerful, far-reaching.

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