Virtual Lands Account For Major Sales Of NFT & Metaverse.

Over the last week, virtual land accounted for a sizable portion of NFT and metaverse investments. According to statistics, investors spent a remarkable $300 million on NFTs in the last week, with over a quarter of that amount spent on The Sandbox metaverse territory. The Sandbox, a popular decentralized metaverse project, experienced a trading volume of nearly $70 million from 4,433 sales, putting it first in terms of the metaverse collection that made the most money. Although Decentraland came in second in terms of total volume traded, its virtual world had the top ten most costly NFT metaverse sales, with an investor spending as much as 225,000 MANA ($758,250) on an estate. In all, the Ethereum-based virtual world exchanged $6.6 million in 399 assets during the last seven days.

Other top ten metaverse ventures include CryptoVoxel, which traded for roughly $650,000, Somnium Space, which had a trading volume of $492,000, and SuperWorld, which earned $227,600 from 506 assets. All of the top deals were for virtual land as well. Metaverse land is quickly becoming a popular commodity among investors and NFT aficionados. On Thursday, a collector paid around $450,000 for an estate near Snoop Dogg’s mansion on The Sandbox, according to BTC PEERS. A virtual real estate investment business established a new record on Decentraland in June when it paid $913,000 for 259 pieces, making it the most expensive digital plot ever auctioned.

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