VeriFone To Accept Crypto Payments Collaborating With BitPay In U.S.

BitPay is one of the largest payment services provided based in Atlanta, Georgia, United States. It is widely known for its Bitcoin transaction across the globe. As we know, Bitcoin is a decentralized digital currency, which is used for investments and others. Not many countries accept the idea of Bitcoin; some even illegalize it like China, Indonesia, Turkey, and Bolivia. Hence, it is very important for people who invest in cryptocurrencies to find a safer way to transact and use their money. VeriFone on the other hand is a global Financial Technology, which provides solution services. 

Today, VeriFone has announced that with the help of the extension of BitPay’s blockchain payment Technology, it can enable consumer cryptocurrency transactions across the United States. Consumers need not get in the hassle of creating a BitPay account because of this collaboration consumers can directly do the transactions to the merchants. This is a great relief to both the merchant and the consumer since payments had never become direct and smooth with cryptocurrencies. There are more than 90 million crypto wallets that are used globally and this collaboration is new and the first of many other solutions from the future, which is going to help the transactions of cryptocurrency

A consumer can easily use any crypto wallet on a VeriFone device and pay the merchant through a QR code. The merchant will then get a verification of the cryptocurrency and will receive an approval message. Those payments are funded in the merchant’s bank account in USD. This new development in the digital payment world has enabled cryptocurrency holders, easy and simple transactions. “Our Advanced Payment Method platform is robust, and this crypto solution with BitPay adds tremendous value for VeriFone and our customers.” Said Mike Pulli, CEO, VeriFone. 

The CEO of VeriFone also talked about the collaboration of both the companies resulting in providing the best quality service to its customers. “This partnership, solution, and investment highlight VeriFone’s commitment to enabling revolutionary and meaningful payment experiences for merchants,” said Mike Pulli, VeriFone CEO. 

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