Using Blockchain For Ensuring Rapid Covid Test Accuracy - Mexico.

Using Blockchain For Ensuring Rapid Covid Test Accuracy - Mexico.

2021-10-19 | Selina Mathew

Using Blockchain For Ensuring Rapid Covid Test Accuracy - Mexico.

MDS Mexico will employ blockchain technology to ensure that its rapid coronavirus test results are accurate. MDS Mexico, a medical services company, has launched a rapid covid-19 testing service that relies on blockchain technology to verify results. MDS Mexico has introduced a digital platform that allows its patients to see updated findings in real-time, according to a report from local iProUP news sites on October 17. The results are also physically transferred, along with a QR code that can be scanned to verify results and gain access to a patient's immunization history in Mexico's MDS blockchain. MDS has indicated that it has implemented a blockchain to safeguard clinical trial findings, secure patients' personal information, and prevent the manipulation of covid test results. According to the MDS website: "To minimize potential negative effects, we've started to improve the SARS-CoV-2 test with blockchain technology and cryptographic signatures, which preserve data in a unique, consistent, and unchanging QR Code that can be validated globally." A cryptographic signature from a physician who verified the test result is included in test results uploaded to the MDS blockchain. MDS isn't the first company in Mexico to use blockchain technology for computer-based covid test results; in April, Mexico's National Chamber of Commerce (CANACO) will announce a government-sponsored program to apply for a number of vaccine passports in collaboration with private blockchain technology firm Xertify. In August, leaders from Australia's blockchain industry pushed for the creation of a blockchain-based immunization registry to combat the spread of bogus COVID-19 online passports.

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