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U.S. Govt Reveals Biggest Drug Arrests Using Cash & Cryptocurrencies.

The United States government has made one among the important drug arrests within the history, with half a tonne of narcotics and many dollars in cash and cryptocurrencies taken from dealers that use the darknet.

The DoJ ‘Department of Justice’ revealed the results of Operation DisrupTor recently today – calling it one among the most important attempts to combat criminal activity on the darknet, and especially opioid trafficking.

Over 500kg of illegal drugs were seized globally, also as approximately $6.5 Mln held in both cash as well as for cryptocurrencies.

One particular bust saw the seizure of 111 kg of fentanyl, which FBI Director Christopher Wray added that it was enough for about 5.5 Mln lethal doses.

Moreover, 170 arrests were made worldwide, including Canadian citizen Arden McCann who is imagined to be liable for smuggling over 10 kg of fentanyl and around 300k counterfeit Xanax pills into the United States.

Agencies including the Secret Service, the DEA, Homeland Security along with the international bodies Europol and Five Eyes all participated In Operation DisrupTor.

Within the official news conference, DoJ Attorney General Jeffrey Rosen revealed that the operation had dealt a “powerful blow” to the criminal underworld.

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