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U.S. DoJ Reveals Legal Charges Against 3 North Korean Hackers.

Earlier on Wednesday, the United States DoJ [Department of Justice] reveals ongoing legal charges against 3 North Korean hackers.

Within the official announcement by DoJ, Assistant Attorney General John Demers condemned the North Korean program, the foremost famous branch of which is Lazarus Group. Demers added:

“North Korea’s operatives, using keyboards instead of guns, stealing crypto wallets of crypto assets rather than sacks of money, are the world’s leading bank robbers.”

With a rustic largely sequestered from the global economy, North Korea’s hacking program has been a critical source of revenue. Many have linked hacking income from sources just like the WannaCry malware & cryptocurrency exchange Coincheck with the nuclear weapons program. Demers explained:

“The DPRK cybersecurity threat has followed the cash and turned its revenue generation sights on the foremost leading-edge aspects of global finance, along with the theft of crypto assets from cryptocurrency exchanges as well as other financial institutions.”

North Korea’s hacking program has been the topic of in-depth scrutiny, both from the United States and globally. As the country has no international web access, several cite China’s role in training North Korean hackers. Additionally, the United States sanctioned two Chinese affiliates of Lazarus Group earlier in March last year.

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