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Two Major Ethereum Whales Have Purchased 2 Mln MATIC In Past 24 hours.

According to information released lately by WhaleStats, two Ethereum whales from the “top 1,000 League” each purchased 1 million Polygon (MATIC) tokens one day earlier. One of the whales is known as “Saitama,” while the remaining remains unnamed.

The leading 1,000 whales load up on Polygon tokens

As per statistics from a firm that follows the portfolios and crypto activities of the leading 1,000 Ethereum holders, crypto whale “Saitama” placed 263 has purchased 999,999 MATIC tokens valued at $2,519,997.

The other transaction was done via an “unknown” wallet having a net amount of $35,221,310 in ERC-20 tokens. The whale spent $2,570,000 to acquire 1,000,000 MATIC. Apart from Ethereum, SAND is the most valuable token in this whale’s wallet in terms of USD value. “Saitama” is ranked second following ETH, with a cumulative value of $69,616,825 in ERC-20 tokens.

Prior to this month, whales among the leading 1,000 ETH holders purchased a significant quantity of Polygon tokens: 1,899,990 MATIC and 1,007,525 MATIC, correspondingly.

MATIC network activity is increasing

The Santiment analytics data provider recently produced research suggesting that address action on the Polygon network is increasing.

At the beginning of December, MATIC achieved a fresh all-time high of $2.411. As a result, the number of active addresses on the network increased to above 15,500. MATIC’s record price top was revised on December 26th, climbing to $2.875.

The token is now worth $2.51, a loss of over 1.04 per cent for the day.

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