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Twitter Hires New Head Of Security ‘Peiter Zatko’ Ahead Of Crypto Hacks.

Twitter has hired a new head of security after 4-months suffering one of the worst breaches within its 14-year history.

As reported earlier by Reuters, Peiter Zatko, a prominent white-hat hacker going by the handle “Mudge,” added he will take hold of security, site integrity, and engineering on behalf of the social media giant.

“Looks just like the cat is out of the bag,” added Zatko within a tweet earlier on Monday. “I’m very excited to be joining the chief team on Twitter! I actually believe the mission of (equitably) serving the general public conversation.”

Zatko will answer on to Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey and can take over management of security functions at the social media site after a 45-60 day review, per Reuters’ reporting.

The hacker made a reputation for himself within the 1990s when he undertook classified work for a government contractor while also leading a hacking group referred to as the Cult of the Dead Cow with the aim of exposing security flaws in Microsoft Windows.

The new hire comes as a part of Twitter’s attempts to extend its security after a gaggle of teenagers compromised 30 high-profile Twitter users. within the breaches, hijacked accounts sent out messages to their many followers falsely promising to double the cash of users who transferred in Bitcoin [BTC, +2.28%] – what’s referred to as a cryptocurrency giveaway scam.

Within an earlier separate attack in September, hackers hijacked a Twitter account of Narendra Modi, the prime minister of India, disseminating messages posing for cryptocurrency donations. Twitter is now looking to tighten its defense against future attacks and safeguard itself against the threat of regulatory action.

Zatko had recently been charged with maintaining security at the San Francisco-based electronic payments platform Stripe, and also brings a wealth of experience from his time at Google and therefore the Pentagon’s DARPA [Defense Advanced Research and Projects Agency].

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