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Traders Switching From Dogecoin To Shiba Inu – Is It Really Worth?

People switched their Dogecoin (DOGE) for Shiba Inu (SHIB) coins, which helped the Shiba Inu digital coin reach over 1 million new traders this week.

According to FX Street, the cryptocurrency exchange platform ChangeNOW and Robinhood now allow investors to trade Dogecoin for Shib cryptocurrency tokens.

In line with FX Street, “traders used this service to amass more SHIB tokens ahead of the rumored debut on the zero-commission exchange platform, Robinhood.”

Shiba Inu coin is expected to be listed on the Robinhood app, which is one of the most popular cryptocurrencies and investment exchange platforms. One of the final key moves for the coin, which has already made its way to Coinbase, another famous trading site, would be Robinhood.

According to Business Insider, the suspicion has only grown because Public, a retail trading program similar to Robinhood, added Shiba Inu coin to its list of cryptocurrencies. According to a Public spokeswoman, adding Shiba Inu currency to the mix is a fantastic method to provide investors with more options.

“Since crypto prices can be volatile in the near term and tend to follow different patterns than stock market securities,” a spokesman told Business Insider, “Public will have Volatility Reminders on crypto sites to ensure investors can make their own judgments with context.”

The Financial Conduct Authority, which examines how individuals use money, has warned potential investors that cryptocurrencies have a volatile market and that they should exercise caution when investing in them.

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