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Top American Financial Service Company ‘Nasdaq’ To Enter Into the Blockchain World.

As per official press reports earlier, Intercontinental Exchange, parent company of the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), is developing an online trading platform that would allow large investors to trade bitcoin directly.A meeting was also held between the crypto exchanges and Nasdaq experts to work together for a better image of cryptocurrencies around the globe. The agenda of this meeting was related to the  future regulation of cryptocurrencies, and what tools and surveillance methods are needed to keep an eye on cryptocurrency trading.

Nasdaq which operates for stock exchanges is now asked for help by the major cryptocurrencies around the world for preventing the market manipulation in the prices of cryptocurrencies. Nasdaq’s Smart technology is planned to be used for this operation for real time monitoring of the trading activity and further preventing any unusual trading activities at exchange end for altering with crypto prices. These activities of crypto price manipulation at exchanges end are a thing to worry in this crypto era where a month ago, reputed exchange Coinbase was charged against manipulating with the prices of Bitcoin Cash. Rather Coinbase denying these blames, this case is currently under investigation. As per a report by Bloomberg:

“Nasdaq Inc is now working to protect five cryptocurrency exchanges, but Nasdaq is yet to confirm who three of the new customers are. SBI Virtual Currencies is one of the exchange using Nasdaq Inc’s services.”

Nasdaq has also stated its recent tie up with DX to offer a crypto exchange which would use Nasdaq’s trading platform technology. Though from this meeting, Nasdaq interest to enter into the bitcoin blockchain world is confirmed hereby dedicated to provide support and security in coming future.

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