The Version 2 Of B2BinPay Crypto Processing Solution, Has Been Released.

The Goal of B2BinPay – Businesses may use B2BinPay to conduct a wide range of bitcoin transactions. In a couple of minutes, they may send, receive store, and exchange cryptocurrency payments. Because all operations are carried out on the blockchain, they are highly secure. The comprehensive solution enables you to realize the full potential of digital currency payments and get the benefits of such a simple payment option. This is why it continues to attract businesses with a variety of business methods.

A Different Business Model

The second edition of B2BinPay has two new features: it now enables you to accept Bitcoin as well as other digital currencies, as well as swap Fiat, Crypto, or Stablecoins into other assets. Accepting cryptocurrency payments is a great method to attract new customers and enhance profits. B2BinPay is a simple crypto gateway that accepts payments in BTC, ETH, BCH, XRP, LTC, and a variety of other digital assets. This is why firms choose to select the option that distinguishes them from rivals and offers a four-step process: Invoice, Payment, Conversion, and Payout.

Clients may simply change their digital currency into cash by receiving rewards directly to their bank account. Secured Wire Transfer is offered through SWIFT, SEPA, and Faster Payments. Payments are made in fiat currency (USD and EUR), top digital assets, and stable coins. Following blockchain certification, B2BinPay converts a consumer’s payment into a specified form of asset. Simple exchange (for exchanging settlements into another asset) and Actual Exchange are features of the high-end crypto processing system (for direct exchanging of one crypto coin into another).

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