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Telegram Reveals Test Version Of Its Blockchain Based ‘TON’ Platform.

Telegram – encrypted messenger service has recently revealed a test version of its blockchain-based TON platform ‘this autumn’, in line with a Russian media outlet ‘Vedomosti’ reported recently.

Speaking to the publication, investors “confirmed” the genuineness of a circular sent to participants in TON’s ICO offering at the beginning of the month of Sept.

In the circular, the corporate aforementioned that the platform’s blockchain element was presently under development, with “70 %” of the work already finished, the publication claims.

Once operational, TON would also make use of its in-house cryptocurrency, Gram, and create a “new mean of exchanging information [data].”

Telegram attracted appreciable attention earlier this year once it raised nearly $1.8 Bln in investments for TON and its current messenger application via 2 private ICO offerings.

Following the success of the fundraising, in May executives afterwards cancelled off the planned public phase of the ICO.

At the time, Russian media additionally speculated that authorities might makes an attempt to block access to Telegram altogether for the country’s residents as a result of the ICO and its plans to launch Gram, instead of the official clarification that the service flouted data sharing laws.

However, CEO ‘Pavel Durov’ declined to comment when questioned by ‘Vedomosti’ to confirm the launch date of TON.

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