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Telegram Passport Service – A new verification feature for ICO’s.

The Global messaging application platform named Telegram has recently launched a latest crypto oriented feature with the Russian chat platform using point to point encryption to secure the data from cyber attacks promising that this feature introduced would soon be transferred to a decentralized cloud available for everyone using the trending blockchain technology. Telegram Passport is a digitally integrated authorization method for services that require personal identification for companies that require private identification as a core feature.

Telegram And Crypto ID Service features

Telegram is a cloud-based instant messaging and voice over IP service developed by Telegram Messenger LLP, a privately held company registered in London, United Kingdom, founded by the Russian entrepreneur and bitcoin believer ‘Pavel Durov.’ Telegram is dependent upon by the crypto community globally. Telegram Passport is a initiative for offering verification companies, a transparent attempt on the identification of market that Civic and Thekey have been cornering. This recent feature launched additionally tallies with Telegram’s plans to launch its personal blockchain and to combine a local tokensales into its messaging app.

As per a recent web blog post by the company, The telegram passport for the trial verification system of its new feature has recently made its first partnership with Moreover, currently there is a demo web page available on the company’s official website for letting users interact with this new feature for their better understanding on how this verification service will  actually work. Verification choices will embody passport, driver’s license, utility invoice, financial institution assertion, and selfie’s as a standard strategies that ICO individuals familiar with.

A new preview of the Telegram verification currently available in its testing mode

Telegram Passport Service - A new verification feature for ICO's.

Security Of Customer Data Using End To End Encryption

The most common problem of using this new feature is the problem related to customers data encryption for which the company has been in an ongoing debate with the Russian Authorities. However, as per the founder of Telegram ‘Pavel Durov’ the company has dogged all resistances in its way. Regardless of this, some Telegram customers will naturally be involved about entrusting their most intimate particulars to the platform with the trust of proving end-to-end encryption, as a security feature entitled by the company.

The power of using telegram for the purpose of crowdfunding or ICO tokensales  has been seen previously also. Telegram now introducing its passport feature, using automatic programmable bots will whitelist individuals who’re Telegram Passport members. This new feature introduced is surely to help the authorities with a clear vision to understand the blockchain ecosystem.

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