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Telegram Creates New Programming Language For Its TON ‘Telegram Open Network’.

In line with a recent ‘announcement‘ published, privacy centred messaging service provider ‘Telegram’, has created a new programming language for its TON [Telegram Open Network].

The document – formally authored by Telegram’s co-founder Nikolai Durov, dated 23rd May – introduces a new language known as ‘Fift’. The language is mainly designed for developing and managing TON ‘blockchain‘ smart contracts, and interacting with the TVM [TON Virtual Machine].

TVM‘, in its flip, executes smart contract code within the TON blockchain, supporting all operations needed to parse incoming messages and persistent information, and to form new messages and modify persistent information. The document though provided a very little summary of Fift, along with the language’s basics and TON-specific operations, among with other issues.

The release follows a recent ‘report‘, adding that Telegram plans to launch TON within the Q3 of this year. The TON network will purportedly host DApps, alike the Ethereum [ETH] network.

The upcoming release of TON is been extremely anticipated within the crypto and ‘blockchain‘ communities, as Telegram – that boasts over 200 Mln users – ‘raised‘ about $1.7 Bln in its ‘two‘ ICOs [Initial Coin Offerings] last year.

Telegram reportedly ‘launched‘ a private beta testing of the TON blockchain to a restricted number of world-wide developers earlier in the month of April. However, testing didn’t provided any specific outcomes, two anonymous testers stated that the TON Blockchain demonstrated an “extremely quick transactional speeds.”

Also earlier in April, TON ‘partnered‘ with German Financial services supplier ‘Wirecard’ to form a new digital financial products.

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