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Supporting Blockchain And Cryptocurrencies : Nigerian Presidential Candidate’s New Agenda.

In line with recent news article published by ‘DailyPost,’ the Nigeria’s presidential candidate of leading opposition party has secure to support blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

The Nigerian news outlet reportedly analyzed the Peoples Democratic Party [PDP] candidate named Atiku Abubakar’s “Get Nigeria operating Again” policy that he reportedly secure to enact if he’s selected president in the next coming elections on 16th Feb, 2019.

DailyPost adds that within the document, the politician declared that”

“He aims to raise up the economy absolutely employing blockchain and cryptocurrencies.”

In line with the DailyPost, Abubaka expressed that to unlock “the potentials of the new economy” PDP “shall promote the assembly of a comprehensive policy on blockchain technology along with cryptocurrencies.”

DailyPost additionally quoted Abubakar platform as stating that “regulation can offer clarity” within this “industry that consists of over 1,800 currency varieties.” The terms of the mandate also are secure to be “managed in a very manner that gives job opportunities along with the financial gains for the govt and other people of the African country.”

As reported by EtherDesk earlier, the Nigerian govt. has been partnering with native startups to develop blockchain within the country. Even earlier in March, Nigerian regulator Nigeria Deposit Insurance Corporation [NDIC] warned against the utilization of cryptocurrencies as the transactions don’t seem to be insured.

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