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Square Hiring Crypto Engineers, Freelancers : Salaries In Digital Currencies.

In line with a recent official ‘announcement‘ published, Square – U.S based leading payment platform is hiring crypto engineers and has offered salary in digital currencies.

In line with the ‘announcement‘, Square’s CEO Jack Dorsey added that “Square is hiring 3–4 cryptocurrency engineers and one designer to work on open-source contributions to the cryptocurrency scheme. Moreover, work from anywhere, report directly, and get paid in Bitcoin’s [BTC]!”

Dorsey additionally commented that the choice to pay staff in digital currency is anticipated on the intention “to create a broader cryptocurrency scheme better,” thereby contributing to the Bitcoin’s [BTC] community.

Dorsey conjointly added that this is the primary open source initiative independent from their business objectives as doubtlessly employed engineers will entirely target on “what’s best for the ‘cryptocurrency‘ community and individual economic management, not on Square’ business interests.”

As ‘reported‘ earlier, Square registered around $166 Mln in annual Bitcoin [BTC] revenue last year. The corporate achieved over $52 Mln’s in Bitcoin sales for Q4, surpassing Q3 by $9 Mln and Q2 by over $15 Mln. However, clear benefit from the Bitcoin operations, that involve Square’s customer cash app, remained low, as buying prices account for the overwhelming majority of revenue.

Juts last month, Dorsey – an acknowledged Bitcoin advocate – ‘declared‘ that he believes Bitcoin [BTC] to be the web’s native global currency:

“Bitcoin [BTC] was something that was born on the web, that was developed on the web and that was tested on web….”

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