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Snoop Dogg Collaborats With Artist Coldie To Release His First NFT Token.

On the final release of the Decentral Eyes Portrait series, hip-hop legend Snoop Dogg collaborated with artist Coldie to release his first non-swear (NFT) token.

The “Decentralized Dogg” NFT was released on SuperRare on November 29th at 7:15 p.m. UTC and will be auctioned off until December 3rd. super rare is an NFT digital marketplace for customers who are willing to pay a premium for unique items.

NFT is a three-dimensional stereoscopic collage of ten different Snoop Dogg photographs from various times of his life, accompanied by an original song written by Snoop Dogg. The biggest bid at the time of writing was 169 Ether or nearly $760,000 at today’s values.

The decline of NFT, according to Snoop’s longstanding collaborator and investment partner Nick Adler, was “the beginning of Snoop’s efforts in the NFT and the art scene.”

Snoop said he’d “be absolutely open to future collaborations with Coldie or other great NFT artists” depending on how successful NFT did. Snoop’s management had contacted Coldie directly about collaborating with NFT via SuperRare, he said.

Snoop aims to maintain contact with the collector or DAO (autonomous entity) that purchases NFT, according to Adler.

“What excites us about the current situation is that we want to keep changing this footage,” says the author. “Perhaps we can utilize this piece in other projects, such as the cover of the next album or a book,” he speculated.

Snoop’s management team was also considering using the artwork as a real-world label for wine bottles or as a book cover, according to Coldie. 

“With augmented reality, we can develop Snoop wine bottles, where the image is embedded in a wine bottle.” Because there are millions of eyes on a work of art, this attracts a large number of collectors.

“This technology has encouraged me to reconsider my style of working and to let go of my creativity in the world,” Snoop Dogg said in a recent interview with NFT.

You just cannot see, but you can hear and hear. Do you want to go? I want this clip to stand out as a representation of my metaverse vision. “Decentralized, Decentralized Eyes” is a phrase that means “decentralized eyes.”

“The purple ground is the confession of his hip-hop empire,” according to the NFT remark on SuperRare. The halftone and grunge effect on his left eye harkens back to his early days in the game, while Doggystyle motifs point to his debut album.

On December 3, the artwork will be on display at SuperRare’s nftnow x Christie trade show ‘The Gateway,’ which will take place during Miami Art Week. It will also be on display at the Monolith during the Flagler Street Art Festival in downtown Miami between November 30 and December 5.

Snoop revealed on September 21 that he was using the alias “Cozomo de’ Medici” to pretend to be an NFT Twitter promoter. Over $17 million in NFT has been accumulated in an account-related wallet, which includes nine CryptoPunks and a number of marijuana-themed tokens.

Coldie’s NFT collaboration with John Van Hamersveld’s “Fantasy Dream,” created in collaboration with Async, is also up for sale until December 10. She stated that she will be working on cards with digital artist Sarah Zucker in the next months.

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