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Shib Community Calculates How Much Further SHIB Should Be Burned For Prices To Rise.

Over 5.5 million Shiba Inu meme tokens have indeed been burnt in the last 24 hours. The continual daily SHIB burning, on the other hand, had little impact on yesterday’s SHIB price increase.

As per the SHIB army, this is the amount of SHIB that has to be removed from circulation in order for the coin’s exchange rate to soar.

Here’s how several burnt tokens might cause the SHIB price to rise. According to a tweet provided by the @shibburn user, a sum of 5,648,676 Shiba Inu tokens were obliterated in the last 24 hours by being transmitted to an unspendable wallet.

According to the creator of the piece, little more than 41% of the original quadrillion supply has indeed been destructed: 410,300,769,264,733 SHIB.

Nevertheless, in the comment thread, numerous individuals made critical remarks about the token being burnt in such little quantities. According to one of them, in order to witness any significant Shiba Inu price movement, at least 61-71 percent of the overall supply must be eliminated.
SHIB is up 20% because to reports of a Robinhood listing.

On December 12, when numerous Twitter accounts circulated a rumour that Shiba Inu will eventually be introduced on the Robinhood trading platform in February, the SHIB price increased by 8%, which subsequently increased by nearly 20%, reaching $0.00003240.

SHIB has also reclaimed its old 13th place on CoinMarketCap, which was held by Polygon’s MATIC coin. At the time of writing, the canine meme cryptocurrency is trading at $0.00003165, having just lost some of its gains from the day before. A 3 ETH whale purchases 59 billion SHIB.
Previously, U.Today reported that the third ETH whale, known as “Light,” had acquired a mind-boggling 58,900,000,000 SHIB valued $1,906,592.

Overall, SHIB has the highest USD worth amongst the wallets of the leading 1,000 Ethereum whales.

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