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Scheduled Delisting Of Coinbase Shares From German Deutsche Boerse – Update.

The scheduled delisting of Coinbase shares from the German Deutsche Boerse stock market appears to have been averted.

The platform revealed earlier on Wednesday that Coinbase would be far away from the Xetra and Frankfurt stock exchanges in the week after it had been discovered the cryptocurrency exchange had not submitted proper reference data for its shares. The removal date was originally scheduled for 23rd Aril, Friday at the close of the day’s trading session.

The LEI [Legal Entity Identifier], code may be a prerequisite for firms conducting financial transactions within the country. The stock market operator did state that the mix-up decreased to an administrative error, amid which Coinbase supplied the incorrect reference code accidentally.

Deutsche Boerse revealed earlier on Thursday that Coinbase had since supplied it with a legal LEI code that the shares would still trade on its two platforms unhindered, according to an official Reuters report.

Coinbase wasted no time in submitting the acceptable documentation, with things having been resolved in less than 24 hours. A spokesperson outlined at the time:

“We’re conscious of an administrative error that has made it necessary for [Coinbase] to resubmit certain documentation to certain European stock cryptocurrency exchanges. There are no interruptions to the trading of Coinbase stock at this point. We are working to resolve this as quickly as possible.”

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