Scammers Offering Fake Crypto Investment Opportunities In Poland – Alert.

PFSA or Polish Financial Supervision Authority, has issued a warning on the surge of scammers offering fake cryptocurrency investment opportunities, that they claim to be the solely authorized investment fund within Poland.

The scammers call potential victims by asking them to sell or purchase cryptocurrencies via the fake fund, but first, they ought to transfer the cryptos to the PFSA compliance team’s wallet to verify the legality of the transactions & then, the regulator clears the payment to be deposited within the unexistent fund.

The watchdog has been aggressive towards crypto assets within the past few years and added the subsequent reminder to the polish users.

“We would really like to remind you that the cryptocurrency market in Poland isn’t a regulated or supervised market. PFSA doesn’t license, supervise or exercise any other powers with reference to cryptocurrency trading activities.”

Also, the PFSA encourages people to report the scams to the closest Police unit and gather the max amount information as possible from the scammer.

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