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Roger Ver’s Increasing Interest In South Korea?

Roger Ver also known by the man behind the biggest crypto firms – Blockchain, Zcash, Kraken etc. This last weekend, Roger Ver visited the Jeju island considering the future and increasing acceptability of cryptocurrencies as part of his blockchain moment with regulative framework targeted with the crypto businesses.

At a cryptocurrency conference participated by Governor Won, Ver transferred  $100 USD in Bitcoin cash to the governor of Republic of Korea and his associates to demonstrate this as an aptitude towards the digital currencies to facilitate instant transactions.

During the demonstration of this transaction, Ver was told about the policy of money transfer in korea as per ‘Kim Yeong Rule’ stating to which Ver responded:

“is there a legal drawback halting a payment transfer to the governor of the country?”

The Governor Won explained rule to Ver stating that it is illegal for the people of higher ranks in the country to accept gifts or money more than $30 USD.

However, Governor Won emphasised to Ver and also the the other participants of the conference that he was solely joking as ‘Kim Yeong Rule’ doesn’t apply during the public events and would account as a special payment by the govt. of Korea.

Humorously, Governor Won aforementioned that he will be using the $100 USD he received, to procure dinner once this meeting was over.

Over a past few months, its observed that the Republic of Korea incorporates a special interest in the digital technology developing its own blockchain technology and providing special tax benefits to the crypto industries established in the country. This friendly framework of regulations existing in the country is what’s expected to attract Roger Ver towards Korea to develop and promote cryptocurrency businesses.

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