Robinhood Security Breach Exposes Millions Of Users Emails & Names.

On Monday, Robinhood, a mobile app digital exchange, said on its blog that it had a cybersecurity attack earlier last week, impacting more than 7 million subscribers. According to the Robinhood post, the incident has been controlled, and the company’s research discovered no evidence of financial data, digital assets, or Social Security numbers being stolen.

The incident began when a malicious third party used a phone call to deceive a Robinhood customer service representative. The person gained illegal access to numerous customer support systems and client databases by employing social engineering techniques. The fraudster acquired a data panel with five million people’s email addresses and two million people’s full names from a separate data collection.

Once the digital danger was neutralized, the attackers sent a message demanding an extortion payment, according to the Robinhood information security team. Although Robinhood would not disclose if the ransom was paid, they did inform law police. The digital exchange firm has acknowledged that their investigation is ongoing, and Robinhood has enlisted the help of a major cybersecurity firm.

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