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Rising Demand For Blockchain & Bitcoin Is Hard To Ignore – Analysis.

The emergence of blockchain currencies has been “nothing short of spectacular,” he told an audience.

Earlier on Monday at the Fullerton Hotel in Sydney, Joe Longo, chair of the Australian Securities and Investments Commission, or ASIC, spoke at the Australian Financial Review Super and Wealth Summit.

Crypto’s ascent has been “nothing short of spectacular, and impossible to ignore,” he added.

“Anywhere and everywhere we land in terms of policy, crypto is right on our doorstep, right now, and being pushed by incredible consumer and investment demand,” Longo added, referring to the high consumer demand for crypto products and services in Australia. “Regardless of where we go on legislation, crypto is right here, right now, and being driven by enormous consumer and investment demand.”

Australia’s interest in blockchain technology appears to have risen in recent months. The CEO of Australia’s Commonwealth Bank stated on Friday, Nov. 19, that he is more concerned about losing out on the emergence of this new technology than any perceived hazards associated with adoption.

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