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Ripple [XRP] Price Hiked After The New Asset Listing Process Introduced By Coinbase.

Ripple had been within the red zone for several days after the mid of this year, shedding a lot of of its gain from the previous week. However, that all scenario seemed to be modified since yesterday’s evening after the third-largest cryptocurrency surged on a wave of optimistic sentiment. As around 22:09 universal time, the Ripple was trading at a price of around $0.477 USD, which at the current time of reporting has hiked to around $0.524 USD.

Ripple [XRP] Price Hiked After The New Asset Listing Process Introduced By Coinbase. The sudden bump of Ripple came within the immediate aftermath of Coinbase’s announcement that it absolutely was overhauling its cryptocurrency listing methodreplacing what had been prevailing for the most times as cautious, ad-hoc approach to one that a lot of closely mirrors the processes through that alternative exchanges approve coins for listing.

Importantly, the announcement appears to reveal that Coinbase —  one amongst the foremost exclusive major exchanges — would list a procession of new assets, that the firm mutually identifies as one of its customers’ chief requests.

Adding further, Coinbase announced:

“Today we’re revealing a brand new method that would enable us to list most digital assets which are compliant as per the native law, by satisfying listing requests in an exceedingly jurisdiction-by-jurisdiction manner. With this shift in process, our customers could expect us to list most assets over time that meet our standards.”

Ripple investors have long grumbled that Coinbase had declined to list the token, at the same time as it listed alternative cryptocurrencies with smaller market caps. Whereas today’s announcement doesn’t guarantee that the firm can list Ripple — there’s still the allegation in some circles that it ought to be regulated as a security — most alternative giant exchanges within the U.S. and abroad have opened ripple markets.

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