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Ripple CEO Disagrees With Coinbase’s New Restricting Policy.

The CEO of blockchain-based payments firm Ripple, Brad Garlinghouse, is not convinced with Coinbase’s new policy restricting its employees from engaging in political discussions at work.

Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong first announced the ‘apolitical’ policy within an official web-blog post on 27th Sep. He encouraged Coinbase employees to not enjoys political discussion and keep their specialization in the company’s mission of making an open economic system for the world.

Garlinghouse disagrees, telling CNBC that technology companies have an obligation to contribute to solving societal issues.

Garlinghouse added that tech companies and platforms have made some societal problems worse, in order that they must even be willing to figure on solutions for them.

Explaining further, he added, Ripple [XRP] was taking YouTube to court for failing to flag scam giveaway videos that lured viewers into sending thousands of dollars in Ripple’s associated cryptocurrency XRP.

He said that Ripple didn’t get to enjoys the legalities of the matter because it wouldn’t help the firm but stressed that tech companies must take responsibility & ownership of the issues to which they’re contributing.

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