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Really Smart Contracts To Be Introduced Into The BCH BlockChain.


Smart contact tokenization protocol enactment on the Bitcoin Cash ‘BCH’ blockchain has been proposed by the developers of mining giant in China ‘Bitmain’. This new protocol feature also called Wormhole is based on the Omni Layer Protocol alongside with OP_Return and the increased data-carrier-size firstly introduced through a WeChat group without having to change the existing development codes thereby to create a smart contract solution using the BCH BlockChain technology.


Innovation Beyond Limits

Bitcoin Cash was born with the blockchain’s original idea of developing a digital currency with decentralisation and permissionless innovations. This whole new concept of smart contract solutions uses an open source decentralised license, the bitmain developers are currently deciding to fork it to implement new features and achieve token security. The Wormhole uses two-layer security protocol, the first one would be based on the BCH node blockchain while the second one would be using its own nodes independently.

Project Proposal

Although this seems good for the crypto community but currently this seems to be pure speculation, though, as there is not yet an official announcement about Wormhole. In upcoming days we are expecting more about this interesting project.

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