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Q1 Inflows To Crypto ETPs Sums Record Highs Of $4.2 Bln.

Q1 inflows to crypto investment products ‘ETPs’ sums nearly $4.2 Bln already, breaking the quarterly record of $3.9 Bln earlier in Q4 last year, consistent with a report by CoinShares, a digital asset investment company.

Digital asset investment products ‘ETPs’ closed earlier on Friday with a record-setting sum of around $55.8 Bln assets under management [AUM] following net inflows and positive price action last week of $242 Mln, consistent with the CoinShares official report.

Ethereum funds took within a net sum of $113 Mln last week.

Passive investment products with $54.1 Bln AUM still outperform their active peers with a smaller $786 Mln in AUM, consistent with CoinShares. Passive funds simply track the worth of digital assets, while active strategies adjust the weightings of their underlying holdings supported market conditions.

“The price action as Bitcoin [BTC, -3.29%] drew closer to $60k led to minor outflows of $39 Mln earlier in last week, that we believe is indeed due to the profit-taking,” consistent with CoinShares.

Q1 Inflows To Crypto ETPs Sums Record Highs Of $4.2 Bln.

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