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Polychain Capital Cryptocurrency Hedge Fund Crowdfunding Report 2020.

Polychain Capital’s cryptocurrency hedge fund has added another $19.5 Mln in investments within the past year, pushing the flagship fund’s lifetime raise past $307 Mln.

Polychain Fund I LP, that invests in crypto assets & SAFTs [Simple Agreements for Future Tokens], raised the latest funds from around 28 anonymous investors, consistent with SEC filings published recently on Thursday.

The recent raise by Polychain’s oldest fund further bolsters the firm’s status together of the foremost popular spots for high-rolling cryptocurrency investors to park their millions. Over 300 investors have now bought in.

Earlier in March, Fund I delivered 1,332% gains to the steely stomached original investors who stuck it out via four years of market dips and soars.

Polychain Capital also revealed that Dfinity Ecosystem Fund LP, an associated investment vehicle that bets on venture-backed companies, has raised $12 Mln from two investors since August last year.

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