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Peter Brandt Deletes His Twitter After His Controversial $53k Bitcoin Prediction.

In a recent tweet, veteran trader Peter Brandt stated that he planned to buy additional Bitcoin when it reached $53,000. The crypto community mistook Brandt’s call for the next Bitcoin move for a call for the next Bitcoin move. Bitcoin is already trading at $59,340.

The crypto community may be brutal to its advocates at times, especially if you believe their preferred currencies will fall sooner or later.


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Shortly after, Peter Brandt tweeted that he would take a break from cryptocurrency markets and focus on traditional markets such as assets and budgets because the communities around them, according to Brandt, “are adults.” 

While Peter Brandt does not appear to be pleased with the behavior of members of the cryptocurrency community and refers to them as young adults and scammers, the age of the investor in both crypto and equities communities is not the same.

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