Owners of XRP, DOT & XLM Are The Most Nervous Crypto Owner – Research.

The Sleep Judge questioned over 1,000 Americans to learn about current financial habits and the impact that 24/7 crypto trading may have on mental health. The results revealed which cryptos are causing the greatest tension and worry.

The findings revealed how average Americans examine their crypto-financial assets and how crypto trading is affecting their sleep and relationships, according to the popular sleep-related goods customer.

According to the research, “Generation X was the most involved in cryptocurrencies, with 70% of respondents born between 1965 and 1980 identifying as crypto investors.” Baby boomers and millennials were not far behind, with 68 percent and 67 percent, respectively. Only around half of the Gen Zers questioned claimed they were investing in cryptocurrencies right now.”

“When we inquired about motives for investing in crypto, the largest gap between the generations became clear,” the research stated, revealing that 57 percent of baby boomers bought crypto for retirement, while 49 percent of millennials acquired crypto to make money quickly.

Owners of XRP, DOT & XLM Are The Most Nervous Crypto Owner - Research.

The findings also revealed that, while the majority of crypto investors check their assets weekly, 50 percent of Gen Zers are more likely to check the market every day.

Almost 70% of non-investors reported good to exceptional sleep quality compared to 63 percent of crypto buyers, indicating that there is a strong link between the number of money people spent on crypto and how well they slept, according to the study.

“Perhaps individuals with less invested are kept up at night thinking about how to expand their holdings or fretting about a market downturn that may entail losses in their present assets,” the research added.

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