NY State Finance Regulator Now Joins Tech Ventures Fund ‘Andreessen Horowitz’.

The one-time NY State finance regulator that earlier shepherded the state’s BitLicense via its primary days will join tech ventures fund Andreessen Horowitz [a16z] to specialize in cryptocurrency firms.

An a16z web-blog post added the fund’s new chief regulatory officer, Anthony Albanese, will specialize in cryptocurrency portfolio firms in “gaming, digital storage, payment systems, social media, creative marketplaces and more.”

Albanese recently led the NY Stock Exchange’s regulatory division. He had previously served as acting superintendent for the NY State Department of monetary Services within the BitLicense’s 2015 launch.

“We’re seeing such a lot happening within the frontier areas like DeFi and stablecoins but also among the legacy financial services institutions from PayPal to JPMorgan,” added Katie Haun, an a16z general partner. “He’s really the right addition at the right time.”

The Wall Street Journal reports Albanese will start at a16z later in the month of November.

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