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No. Of Hacked IoT & Crypto Networks In Japan Nearly Doubled In 2018.

In line with a recent report by native news agency ‘Asahi’, the total number of hacked IoT [Internet of Things] devices and cryptocurrency related networks in ‘Japan‘ has nearly doubled in 2018 compared to the previous year.

The Japanese Police Agency data reveals that an average of 2,752.8 intrusions per device per day were detected last year, which is up by 45% from the previous year. Moreover, the data additionally shows that about all of the attacks came from overseas.

As per the article, if one considers solely cryptocurrency networks and IoT devices, the info shows an avg of around 1,702.8 intrusions per device per day in last year, which is nearly double the 875.9 as reported earlier in 2017. Seemingly, this isn’t a part of a broader trend to attack all devices additional, since the report notes:

“The total number of intrusions of networks used for transferring and receiving e-mail, messages and browsing websites has remained at equivalent level since 2016.”

The report additionally cover the location networks of the attackers, stating that around 20.8% are from Russia, 14.1% from China, 12.6% from U.S., around 6% from Netherlands and 5.1% from Ukrania. Attacks originating from within ‘Japan‘ reportedly accounted solely around 1.6% of the total.

As ‘reported‘ earlier in Feb., around 7,000 cases of suspected ‘laundering‘ networks in connection with cryptocurrencies were reported to Japanese police in 2018, a more than 10x increase from the 669 cases filed over a 9-Month period throughout the previous year.

Even five Japanese banks have ‘collaborated‘ to launch a monetary services infrastructure based on DLT [Distributed Ledger Technology].

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