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New Google Policy Update’s: Crypto Mining Apps Ban.


Google is now working on the track of Apple to ban cryptocurrency related content from its app store. Since from April this year, Google is following this path to remove crypto applications from its ecosystem followed by removing crypto mining extensions from its chrome web store while now removing mining applications from its play store.


The recent policy update by Google for its web store states:

“Extensions with blockchain-related purposes other than mining” are still permitted, crypto-miners are banned.”

The recent policy update by Google Play for its developers states:

We don’t allow apps that mine cryptocurrency on devices. We permit apps that remotely manage the mining of cryptocurrency.”

As per Google’s report to ban the Applications that mine cryptocurrency for the user, uses the power of CPU, with or without user’s knowledge. However, apps that just help the user manage the mining of cryptocurrency are more administrative in nature. However this decision of Google to ban Crypto mining apps may not be welcomed by the community.

Rules Are Changing Now

According to the latest policy updates to its Developers Policy Centre, Low quality build applications will be the next one’s, to be removed from the play store which are solely made for the purpose of generating revenue through advertisements. As per a recent report published by Kaspersky labs, due to this vulnerable nature of applications available even on play store the risk of cryptocurrency wallet hacking has increased by more than a roughly 45 PerCent. Google is now even searching down its database for applications that appeal low maturity content but contain adult content inside.

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