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Moscow Government To Introduce New Trading Spots Employing Ethereum.

The new system introduced would record applications submitted by farmers. Around 2,736 trading spots are up for grabs, with the market season stretching between 20th Apr. and 25th Nov. including farmers from Russia, Armenia, Belarus, Kazakh and Kyrgyzstan.

As expected, there is a push to urge a spot, with thousands of applicants submitting their bids annuallyThe thought to use ethereum as the way to create changeless record of applications, with updates created for those either approved or denied access. 

As per the blockchain product manager ‘Andrey Borodyonkov’:

“Blockchain is a further guarantee that the incoming applications stay changeless also as makes the audit of the applicants history attainable.”

Moscow’s government further elaborating this very statement mentioned:

“The entire dataset is in public seeableclear and offered for transfer. The applications can’t be deleted or altered by anybody once they are submitted.”

However, as per the current part of the matter several farmers are sad with the existing system for reviewing applications.

The strategy and innovations adviser ‘Andrey Belozerov’ in Moscow expressed hope that this new system will facilitate and alleviate a number of new considerations by creating additional data accessible to all.

Mentioning further he said:

“We believe that farmers ought to have a clear system to visualize why their application are declined or approved. Employing Blockchain would form a positive transparent approach that no one can alter.”

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