More Powerful New Chip-Set Integrated Miners Based On ETH Protocol.

The popular chip manufacturing company ‘Chen Min,’ recently launched a new proposal to make crypto mining devices known as Linzhi. The firm’s prime project tackles the algorithmic rules utilized by Ethereum ‘ETH’ and Ethereum Classic ‘ETC’, with a replacement line of application-specific integrated circuits (ASICs) miners set to be launched within the next coming year.

According to last Ethereum Classic Summit held recently, the company’s dubbed Project Lavasnow, Linzhi’s new miners claims to use 1/8th portion of the electricity compared to Bitmain’s ethash miners. It additionally expects to run around 1,400 Mln hashes per second, compared to around 190 Mln hashes per second from the Bitmain’s AntMiners.

The exaggerated hashpower suggests that one in all Linzhi’s miners ought to generate roughly $20 USD per day, compared to the projected $3 USD from the Bitmain miners. As a result, the firm expects customers to break even on the price of a miner in just four months of investing in the miner’s.

However, as for now Linzhi didn’t announced what would be the actual worth of each miners.

At present, the firm continues to be engaged on developing the final product.

Customers might begin receiving their miners from April 2019 of next year.

Rather than several individual miners and members of the ETH community at present are in the opposition of the use ASIC’s miners, Chen aforementioned in her presentation that hardware alone doesn’t cause centralization, it’s just an another style of business.

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