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Monero [XMR] Developers Fixes Ledger Hardware Wallet Bug Affecting Users Balances.

In line with an official ‘announcement‘ published on social media, Monero [XMR] devs have fixed a bug involving crypto hardware wallet namely ‘Ledger’ that made user funds appear as if that they had disappeared.

Reported‘ earlier in March, the bug, that Ledger originally thought to be a synchronization drawback, initially came to light when a user’s balance didn’t reacted to an incoming transaction.

The problem solely affected those employing Ledger Nano S devices to access their XMR wallet. As within this week, the issue has formally been resolved via the issuing of a patch from Monero developers ‘luigi1111’ and ‘stoffu’.

The amount thought to be lost within the initial red flag transaction totalled around 1,680 XMR [around $115,00 USD], resulting in considerations of a serious flaw. However, by the end, Monero added, the number of wallets affected was very minimal.

“Jut a few weeks ago some Ledger Monero users got affected by a bug in the Ledger Monero code. Due to this bug, some of transactions were mistakenly made and therefore the wallet wasn’t able to spot [and subsequently credit] the amendment, thereby letting the user believe their funds were lost,” an outline of the fix on Reddit presently reads.

The summary further adds:

“Fortunately, we were, working unitedly with the Ledger team, able to resolve this bug and recover the ‘lost’ funds of the affected users.”

Moreover, Monero secured to review the Ledger XMR code more strictly, adding tests within a format almost alike to what’s presently done for fellow hardware ‘wallet‘ Trezor.

“This, hopefully, will guarantee no such bugs will be present within the future,” the summary added.

Monero [XMR] is a privacy-focused altcoin that is presently ranked at the ‘13th position‘, as per data provided by CoinMarketCap.

Its anonymity features have made it ‘favourable‘ for those concerned about the privacy, but have conjointly endeared it to cybercriminals, who have developed ‘malware‘ to mine it covertly on other user devices.

Just last week,, a service that allows Bitcoin [BTC] users to extend the privacy of their own transactions employing Monero [XMR], ‘removed support‘ for the U.S. residents due to the regulative compliance difficulties.

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