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Mintverse Reveals Its Major Upgrade As NFT Tracking.

Mintverse, a tool that enables NFT and play-to-earn fans to monitor the success and key metrics of non-fungible token accumulation, has released the specifics of its most important upgrade yet.

A Full-stack NFT monitoring solution for BSC as well as Ethereum is now available.

As per a media statement published by the Mintverse team, its redesigned tracker version is on its route to clients. Mintverse 2.0 is intended to represent the Web3 sector’s rising enthusiasm towards NFTs.

Mintverse is, at its heart, an integrator of non-fungible tokens distributed on multiple trading platforms. It includes both significant sets (such as the Bored Apes Yacht Club, Mutant Apes Yacht Club, Crypto Punks, land plots in Decentraland as Well as the Sandbox, and much more) and initial-phase digital art studio publications.

Mintverse monitors 75 million NFTs on Binance Smart Chain as well as over 35 million on Ethereum since about Q1 2022. Its crew is working hard to establish itself as the main platform for all EVM-compatible chains.

The protocol is supported by a slew of famous venture capital firms, notably A&T Capital, Mirana Ventures, FBG, as well as Fenbushi Capital, and also top-tier angel investors.

The focus is on gaming NFT

Rene Cao, Mintverse’s creator, emphasizes the critical relevance of the latest launch for the overall success of Binance Smart Chain as well as its dApps environment.

The most important changes in the Mintverse v2.0 edition are an intelligence module addressing future NFT drops as well as an enhanced database coverage mechanism with customizable filters.

The revised rating system helps NFT aficionados to discover the sector’s undiscovered treasures, whilst Gamepad choice enables them to delve further into the hotbed of gaming NFTs.

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