Mining Facility In Norway On The Verge Of Closing Due To Threat Calls.

As per a report by local news agency ‘Norwegian Edition’ the Norways mining facility of ‘Kryptovault’ is on the verge of being closed due to the increasing complaints by the municipal, authorities and the local citizens. As per this complaint, the mining facility has became a nuisance for the native citizens due to excessive amount of noise pollution produced.

As a results of the relentless noise, number of people within the locality are having sleeping problems in their homes while others have resorted to keeping their windows closed all the times, as the mining facility produces noise continuously all hours of the day, 365 days of the year.

The Kryptovault facility in Norway roughly operates in 4200 square meters using almost 40MW electricity consumption. The company however has reacted to this complaint assuring to cut the existing noise pollution levels from 60 db to around 45 db in the upcoming days.

Even a few days back, the Kryptovault mining facility also received a bomb threat from an anonymous person related to the high levels of noise pollution being produced by the firm. The recent bomb threat though didn’t specifically pointed out a specific mining facility but stated as:

“This is sabotage. If you’re increasing crypto mining facilities and filling the country with noise, then you may be sabotaging the peace. i’m threatening to send you some explosives.”

Besides reporting this threat to the police, Kryptovault executives conjointly warned workers to exercise additional vigilance, particularly at the Dale mining facility.

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