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MicroStrategy Invests Again $15 Mln’s In Bitcoin – Official.

Leading business analytics firm MicroStrategy has made yet one more large bitcoin [BTC, +1.49%] purchasing, investing again an extra $15 Mln worth.

Within an official announcement, MicroStrategy revealed that it purchased approximately 262 more BTC at a mean price per coin of $57,146 USD, just a touch over $1k faraway from the crypto’s all-time high.

This latest purchase brings the firm’s total bitcoin holdings to around 91,326, bought for a mean of $24,214 USD apiece.

At the time of reporting, this is often adequate to around $5.1 Bln, compared to the approx $2.21 Bln MicroStrategy purchased them.

The firm’s share price has partly recovered from a month-long downturn, which saw it dip as low as $547.40 USD earlier on 5th March.

MicroStrategy stock was listed at $763 USD in pre-market trading today and stands at $803.75 USD at the reporting time.

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