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McDonald’s El Salvador Starts Accepting Bitcoin Despite Crashing Wallets.

“I just stopped by McDonald’s in San Salvador to see if it was possible to pay for breakfast with Bitcoin, and, in truth, was completely ready to refuse,” writes journalist Aaron van Wyrdum. “But to my surprise, they printed out a QR code that took me to the Lightning Network account page. Now I am enjoying a traditional breakfast. “

McDonald's El Salvador Starts Accepting Bitcoin Despite Crashing Wallets.

McDonald’s El Salvador Starts Accepting Bitcoin Despite Crashing Wallets.

A spokesperson for the OpenNode service confirmed that McDonald’s Salvadoran branches do accept Bitcoin as of today, as does the Panda Express network. He also promised that integrations with other “multi-billion dollar companies” will be announced this week.

“OpenNode worked with all sorts of big companies in El Salvador to add support for bitcoin payments in less than two months,” the company said. – From digital wallets to mobile network operators, from large retailers to insurance companies, from fast food restaurants to industrial firms. The Lighting Network, in particular, enables everyday Bitcoin payments to be efficient and scalable. For countries like El Salvador, bitcoin presents an incredible economic opportunity. “

Along with the entry into force of the law on recognizing bitcoin [btc] as a means of payment, the official Chivo crypto wallet was released. According to El Salvador President Nayyib Bukele, shortly after the launch, the wallet had to be suspended to increase resources.

“The installation problems that some have encountered have arisen for this reason. We preferred to fix them before reconnecting, he wrote. “It’s a pretty obvious problem, but we can’t fix it while the system is online.”
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