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Man Accused Of Stealing Around 75,000 Dash Arrested in Israel.

In line with a recent news ‘reported‘ by native media ‘News1’, a juridical case has been filed against ‘Afek Zard’ in Israel over the alleged ‘thievery‘ of around 75,000 Dash [DASH] [over $9 Mln] from his known.

According to CoinMarketCap ‘data‘, the quantity of coins stolen are equivalent to over 0.85% of the whole supply of the Dash. News1 added that the victim, named ‘Alexei Yaromenko’, was reportedly an early crypto-currency capitalist who has been accumulating ‘cryptocurrency‘ assets since earlier from 2013.

Yarmolenko reportedly educated Zard regarding cryptocurrencies and trading them himself before this incident allegedly took place. As per the indictment ‘document‘ filed by attorney ‘Giora Hazan’, Zard was in possession of a key to Yaromenko’s flat and had access to the residence in Yaromenko’s absence.

According to the report, the coins were presented in Yaromenko’s wallet till 1st March, when Dash was priced at around $82.5 USD per coin. The prosecutors claim that at the start of the month, the defendant used the alleged victim’s laptop to steal the credentials of his cryptocurrency wallets.

Thereafter, Zard reportedly stole the contents of Yarkomenko’s wallets – either himself or with the assistance of some others — and sent them to four of his own wallets. Lastly, the report specifies that Zard is also known before in the cases of thievery in aggravated circumstances, money laundering as well as alleged penetration within a computer system to commit an offence.

As ‘reported‘ earlier, the Manhattan prosecutor has indicted a bunch of people with allegedly commercialism of selling drugs and money laundering cases employing Bitcoin’s [BTC].

Just earlier this month, a 33-year aged Danish man was ‘sentenced‘ to 4 years and 3 months in jail for money laundering over $450,000 USD in Bitcoin’s [BTC].

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