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KYC Free Exchanges – Preserving Self-Governed Essence Of Cryptos.

A new platform has published a complete list of every cryptocurrency exchange that welcomes traders in some capacity without pushing them over the basic necessarily requirements of personal information via know-your-customer, or KYC, verification. is merely concerned with exchanges that support Bitcoin [BTC] or Monero [XMR], asserting that BTC is that the largely accepted crypto asset with the foremost adoption and XMR offers the strongest privacy protections.

KYC Free Crypto Exchanges

The website presently lists 14 KYC-free trading platforms, many of which even offer a peer-to-peer marketplace for the digital assets.

Meanwhile, the website has also mentioned warnings regarding half of the exchanges listed – including noting tight restrictions on verification-free use, withdrawal quirks, & requests surely identity information despite the absence of the KYC necessities.

However, the list doesn’t include the favoured exchanges Binance, KuCoin, or BitMEX.

Preserving Self-Governed Essence Of Digital Assets

In line with a manifesto published by the website’s owner to Github, details its mission to “preserve the decentralized and self-governed essence of digital assets” by “making it easier for people to seek out trustworthy ways to shop for , exchange, trade and use cryptos without requiring to spot themselves.”

The post asserts that crypto assets were created “to untie the dependency between the users and therefore the centralized entities that are on top of things of our economy,” adding that a lot of “KYC and AML exchanges have grown to “act exactly sort of alike banks.”

New suggestions and proposals from the community members are welcomed by the platform.

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