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Kraken Exchange Finally Delists BSV ‘Bitcoin SV’, Following Its Open Poll Results.

In line with a recent official ‘press-release‘ published, leading U. S. based crypto-currency exchange named ‘Kraken’ has decided to delist BSV [Bitcoin SV].

Within the official announcement, Kraken aforesaid that BSV had “engaged in behaviour fully antithetical to everything we are at Kraken along with the wider cryptocurrency community stands for.” As such, the exchange has determined to delist the currency, that was the result of a hard-fork within the bitcoin cash [BCH] network earlier in Nov. last year.

The exchange’s call follows a ‘Twitter poll‘ yesterday, within which it asked the community’s opinion regarding whether or not it should delist BSV.

Kraken Exchange Finally Delists BSV 'Bitcoin SV', Following Its Open Poll Results.

Kraken Exchange Polling Results [Yesterday].

Kraken cited erratic behaviour like faux claims, threats and legal proceeding as the catalyst behind the delisting. The exchange’s call follows within the footsteps of exchanges Binance and ShapeShift, that ‘dropped‘ the coin earlier this week.

The chief executive officer of Binance named ‘Changpeng Zhao’ had antecedently ‘warned‘ Australian computer scientist named ‘Craig Wright’ — BSV’s most stalwart proponent and self-proclaimed bitcoin founder ‘Satoshi Nakamoto’ – that if he did correct some disputable behavior, Binance would delist BSV.

Binance dropped BSV when Wright set a $5,000 USD bounty in BSV for info regarding to the identity of Hodlnaut, the Twitter user behind the recent bitcoin “Lightning Torch” charity event.

While Kraken’ announcement didn’t refer to anyone by name, it said, “The threats made earlier week to individual members of the community were the last straw. This aggression won’t stand.”

The price of BSV [Bitcoin SV] has suffered seriously as a result of the delistings. At the reporting time, the coin is down around 0.10% on the day and is trading at a price around ‘$56.98 USD‘.

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