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Kevin O’Leary: NFTs Are Going To Be Bigger Than Bitcoin.

Kevin O’Leary, a wealthy financier, and crypto enthusiast, believes that the NFT industry would be valued far beyond Bitcoin in the upcoming years.’

On CNBC’s Capital Connection on January 5, O’Leary, also renowned as Mr. Wonderful, stated that because of their capacity to tokenize and verify actual assets including vehicles, watches, and property investment, NFTs had a higher chance to draw investment than Bitcoin.

Mr. Wonderful confessed that he is not committed to that wager and would continue to engage in “both ends of the issue.”

In a new conversation, the erstwhile crypto skeptic told that his shift to blockchain and digital assets was attributed to a steady rise of authorities heating up throughout the world over the last several years.

The analogy between Bitcoin and NFTs really aren’t universally accepted, with Coingecko co-founder, as well as COO Bobby Ong, informing Cointelegraph that it’s “likely not reasonable to equate Bitcoin, which would be a single asset, to NFTs, which represent a whole industry.”

Ong did add, nevertheless, that the NFT acceptance curve in 2022 will just rise because the industry is currently in its initial stages.

Coingecko just released a fresh book titled “How to NFT,” which instructs newcomers to the non-fungible sector on how to purchase, trade, preserve, and manufacture NFTs. When asked if he believes the “NFT art narrative” would persist to reign in 2022, or whether the pattern will move to utility-based NFTs, he said no.

“We’ve witnessed BAYC, which even the NFT combines with participation in their ‘club,’ and it actually assists establish a feeling of identification and belonging,” he continued.

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